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History and types of weapon – most important information

22 czerwca 2024 7:30

Shooting in different conditions – what should you remember about?

In militaries world of 20th and 21st centuries, there were some many changes, that we can talk about completely new age of weaponry. Our predecessors from 19th century could not imagine in their wildest dreams, what inventions would dominate the front in our times. What’s more – some type of guns that exist now, would be a science fiction ideas at best some time ago.


How to shoot from behind the corner, of – let’s say building? Until now, soldiers and police officers had a special tactics of approaching corner and were suddenly lean to quickly aim and shoot at their enemies. It was obviously risky. CornerShot is a solution to that problem. This weapon is designed to fire from corners and can be used as a grenade launcher.


Pistol that can be entirely printed on your household 3D printer? Such invention is already live. Liberator may not be the most advanced or impressive construction, but it’s blueprints can be found on the Internet for anyone to use. And that means that you can easly produce your very own pistol in home, without buying it.


Shooting you rifle under water? Now it’s not James Bond’s exclusive trick anymore. Weapons capable of such shooting are used currently by Russian special forces. It is an ADS rifle. Although it’s efficient shooting range is only 25 meters It is considered to be a very innovative gun.


What about a rifle, that does not kill? At first, such conception might emerge as one lacking any sense, however Personnel Halting And Stimulation Response has it’s utility. It serves as a mean to blind the opponent. Blinding pilots with laser can serve as a proof, that blindness can often equal elimination.


Magpul FMG-9 is a pistol created from lightweight plastic, that can be folded into small rectangular shape. Miniaturization and possibility of easy transport is a trend noticeable in many innovative weaponry ideas.


It is also more and more popular to install personalized security systems on the guns. Nowadays, pistols can be unlocked with fingerprints, just as we do with our smartphones or computers. For example, such mechanism was successfully used in Armatix iP1. That pistol is connected to watch, that can serve as a reader of one’s fingerprints. Watch has to in range of weapon, that capes at 25 meters.


Every weapon can be also secured by installation of Identilock, which can close weapons trigger and unlock it, again, with fingerprint. It is not only a strictly military precaution, but also security measure for any user to not hurt himself by accidental shots. It is the best precaution for many incidents, also involving children.


Sniper rifle 338 TP is a weapon that has very innovative and new aiming system. It is a rifle capable of measuring the distance between the target and shooter, while in the same distance calibrating it’s parameters for the best possible shot. And although many will surely say, that nothing can replace a sharp mind and sharp eye, the price of almost fifty thousand dollars for a piece is a proof that such technology is worth noting.