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24 kwietnia 2024 23:00

Shooting – new passion of Polish people

Visiting a shooting range? It’s no longer a niche entertainment. Ranging from shooting picnics to a courses of weapon handlings – growing number of Polish people want to spend their free time at shooting range. More and more people are interested in at least basics of that sport. There are a lot of those, who are staying for longer in their new hobby, regularly training and polishing their skill, even if they don’t aim to be the best competitors out there. We can say confidently that guns and shooting are the new passion for many Polish people.

How to start your adventure as a shooter?
What should you do, to check for yourself if that is something for you? First of all you should pick up a shooting range which gives such possibility to beginners. For example, well equipped object in Pasternik near Cracow is owned by Cracow Shooting Academy. This large place, with dozen of covered stances (25 and 50 meters long) is a way to go.

If you are just starting you adventure with shooting sports, you should start by picking up a shooting package with instructor. In Cracow Shooting Academy, there are few of such options – differing in number of shots you can take and kinds of weapons you will be using. Most basic and cheapest package contains thirty shots – three times for each gun. Buying this package you will test guns such as: Colt, Glock, MP5 Submarine. However, in wide offer of Cracow Shooting Academy you will find much more – you can try famous AK-47 rifle, UZI, revolvers or even historical weapon dated back to Second World War. 

What's inside shooting packages I can buy?
In ever package, you can expect to take a basic course with instructor, who will show you how to properly handle a weapon, aim with it and maintain correct shooting stance. Safety course is also very important, both in case of handling the gun and behavior on the shooting range. Because this safety rules are priority here, you will also receive ANS headphones and protecting glasses although you are welcome with your own equipment. 

What's next to do?
Another stage of marksman adventure incorporates participating in course. If shooting with instructor will be enjoyable, you will surely want to learn more, and such courses are the best opportunity for that. In Cracow Shooting Academy, you will find courses on sport shooting, dynamic shooting and military shooting, differing in levels. People, who are just starting their adventure with the subject can participate in basic courses. They can learn basic of this sport and also get to know how such weapon works, how to work with each of her element, for example trigger and aiming equipment. On the course you will learn how to train without a weapon, which is fundamental in polishing your shooting skills. It’s aim is to create a muscle memory regarding shooting. From now on, you’ll body will “know” what to do with weapon. You won’t have to think about it.

Many people decide to continue their journey on the higher levels of advancement. Often, they are investing in military courses, which are oriented to recreate the exact conditions of using the weapon in real life. 

Then it is only a matter of training harder and achieving better score, learning to handle better weapons. And maybe, just maybe, your own permission to have a weapon?