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Team building on a shooting range? Great idea!

Organizing an interesting integration event for your employees may be quite a challenge. Why is it? First of all, they got so popular that they became very common and they are often just a new version of the same, already known scenario. Because of that they are not attractive anymore, they can actually become more of a boring obligation, especially if the employer requires taking part in the team building on weekend or after hours, meaning they decide what their employees should do with their free time.

However, the managers still believe team building is very important and it’s worth investing in it. It's just that you have to do it in a way that will give people a feeling that they are part of something interesting and that they are actually building a team. Which is why the activities should be arranged in a way that will let everybody participate and at the same time it should be something new and unconventional. To summarize - it’s a great idea to organize such event on a shooting range.

How to organize a team building on a shooting range?
Not every shooting range gives such possibility, so we need to find a company that will offer activities for groups. It’s also important that they have previous experience of organizing this kind of events. This guarantees they can help us decide what kind of scenario will be the best for the group and what should we take into consideration.

In Cracow a great company offering team building activities is Cracow Shooting Academy. Their facility is big and well equipped, it’s located in Pasternik, near to Cracow. They also have another facility in Białka Tatrzańska. This one contains also accommodation and conference facilities, making it a great spot for bigger, longer events. You may, for example combine training or a conference with some team building activities - shooting or something different, that the region of Białka offers. What’s also important is that all instructors of Cracow Shooting Academy speak fluent English, making it possible to organize an event also for companies working in international environment.

While planning the event, we have to get a separate package of shots for each of the participants. The prices vary depending on amount of shots and types of guns that will be used. In Cracow Shooting Academy you can either choose one of offered packages or ask for a personalized option which will perfectly suit your group.

What do you need to know, when you participate in an event on a shooting range?
Employees that take part in the activities do not need to meet any special requirements. There is no particular dress code, although it is recommended to wear something comfortable and good shoes that make you feel stable. An absolutely strict rule is one hundred percent sobriety - none of the participants can be under influence of alcohol or other kind of drugs. All participants also need to read the rules and regulations and follow them at all times. It’s also important to always follow the trainer instructions.

How does a team building on a shooting range look like?
The group is supervised by a qualified instructor at all times. At the beginning the participants get to know the basics - the rules and regulations of the shooting range as well as rules of safe firearms handling. They will also find out how to stand properly and hold the gun correctly. The instructor will also show how to aim and shoot on target. Of course this is just the basics in a nutshell but it is enough to enjoy the activities at the shooting range.

The next part is the shooting itself. Each participant will receive a pair of protective glasses and earphones. Then everyone takes their shooting spot. The rest depends on the purchased packages and what they include.