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Sport shooting training - how does it work?

Shooting trainings are getting more and more popular in Poland. This is caused by growing popularity of sport shooting and interest in firearms in general. The amount of people who want to get some knowledge and skills in this area is bigger every year. We can observe this trend also, for instance, in growing amount of army-profiled classes in high schools in the country.

Furthermore we are more eager to take advantage of such activities as recreational shooting offered by any shooting range around the country. And even though you don’t need any particular courses or permits to simply shoot under an instructor's supervision, many people feel the need to improve their abilities to enjoy it more. Which is why they sign up for sport shooting trainings.

What kind of trainings are worth participating? If you are just starting your adventure as a shooter, the best idea is to sign up for a beginners training of sport shooting. The offer includes both more popular trainings with short gun, and less conventional, where you work with long gun, like, for instance, a rifle.

What can you learn? On the basic level for sure you will receive some solid theoretical knowledge. You will learn about the regulations related to firearms and you will find out what are the general rules of safety when handling a gun. This is, in fact, more important than the technique itself, as safety should always be a priority for every shooter! Of course there will be time also for developing the technique. Furthermore basic training gives you an opportunity to learn the correct shooting position, as well as holding the gun properly - without these skills it is almost impossible to shoot on target. Moreover, the participants learn how to work with the trigger and aiming devices and they find out information about no-shot training, which is essential to learn all movements perfectly and keep them in your muscle memory. Obviously during the training there is also a practical shooting course.

After finishing beginners training you can sign up for next level course which will help you polish certain elements of your skills and technique. And that will lead you to raising your overall results in shooting. On next levels you may learn for example moving around with a gun and quicker work trigger as well as changing the clip while shooting. All courses include practical part of the training.

How to choose a good shooting training?
The offer of trainings is growing together with sport shooting popularity. How to choose the best one for you? What to focus on? First of all you should thoroughly read the description of the training. The more details it has, the better. An important information is always the amount of hours for theory and for practice, as well as the amount of shots you can give during the training.

It’s also essential who runs the training. At Cracow Shooting Academy all instructors are highly qualified specialists who not only teach in a professional way but they also have their own great results in sport shooting. One of trainers in this academy is doctor Jaroslaw Hebda - one of the fastest pistol shooters in the world, doctor of security sciences and expert witness of firearm use - the best proof of high qualifications. With such personnel you can be sure you will get the best training!

Last but not least - a very important thing is the facility and equipment. Well equipped shooting range is the basic need of participants. Cracow Shooting Academy has high quality equipment on both their shooting ranges in Krakow and in Bialka Tatrzanska although they also offer a possibility of organizing a training somewhere else, as long as the facility complies with necessary standards.