Shooting – new passion of Polish people

How a pistol was created?

Interesting facts about snipers

17 sierpnia 2019 18:50


Organize a party on a shooting range!

The amount of shooting ranges in Poland is growing, and thanks to a government programme “Shooting range in every district” there will be even more of them. Some of them are just for sport-shooting purposes but more and more are ranges...

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Shooting - will it be your new passion?

Shooting was an exclusive sport until not so long ago. Of course we did have some internationally successful sportsmen in this field but it wasn’t very interesting to the public. Also, there were not too many people willing to overcome...

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Team building on a shooting range? Great idea!

Organizing an interesting integration event for your employees may be quite a challenge. Why is it? First of all, they got so popular that they became very common and they are often just a new version of the same, already known scenario. Because of that they are not attractive anymore, they can...

Looking for a gift idea? You will find it on a shooting range!

With minimalism being the newest trend and with people's feeling of being overwhelmed with things, an experience became an extremely popular idea for a present. Instead of another object that will just occupy space at home, we prefer to give to someone an exciting moment that he or she will...

Sport shooting training - how does it work?

Shooting trainings are getting more and more popular in Poland. This is caused by growing popularity of sport shooting and interest in firearms in general. The amount of people who want to get some knowledge and skills in this area is bigger every year. We can observe this trend also, for instance...