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Open shooting range – what conditions must one meet?

Open shooting range is one of the most popular civilian’s ranges. It basically means that shooting stations are outside building. What are the conditions that must be meet, to open such shooting range?


Choosing a place for open shooting range

Place is the most important thing, when it comes to shooting ranges. It may be our property, which will make things much easier, or it may be lent. In case of the latter, it is worth confirming by notary that it will be used for such object. Localization is also very important. What features should such localization have? It is determined by MSWiA and MŚ (in Poland) and in legislations connected to weaponry in given country. What we will find in mentioned documents?


Shooting range cannot be placed on the territory of national parks or reservoirs. Also it cannot be in the areas planned for residential neighbourhoods. Water level should be on at least one meter, as lead can contaminate grounds. When planning for an opening of shooting range, one must also consider noice. It is generally said, that such place cannot disturb people and should not be hazardous for nature around it.


Of course, there are things that should be considered, that are not stated in the law, but are obvious. The farther away from residential buildings, the better in terms of noice, therefore such place should be right away considered on the outskirts of any city. The proximity of woods should be also helpful, as trees can easily help damping noises. Outskirts can also help in terms of organising big events and picnics. Here it is possible to make your place large and open for whole families. However, you should remember, that good connection and public transport to city is principal for your place to be visited at all.


What are the formalities?

First of all, the application to local authorities (governor, mayor, president etc.) is needed to agree on rules of your shooting range.


Template for such rules are, again, found in MSWiA directives and is a great basis for your own. Of course it can be modified for anyone’s personal needs, but you can also stick to the original version. With such basis another advantage emerges – it basically cannot be rejected in it’s original or lightly modified version, because it is directly following directives of MSWiA. In case of such rejections, revocations should quickly follow, until someone will finally agree to your rules.


Typically the reason for rejection lies within lack of competence of officials. However, open, civilian shooting ranges have their laws much different than military ranges and military laws does not apply here, which may be confusing for some.


After accepting our rules, we should look for the list of formal documents that should be attached and we are ready to go. In practice however, all comes to that acceptance of rules and creating the plans for shooting range itself, when shooting and medical stations should be visibly highlighted, followed by emergency routes. Another documents involve mainly informational matters ranging from safety measures and signals to your own contact information for everyone to see and memorize if need be.