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24 kwietnia 2024 23:30

Organize a party on a shooting range!

The amount of shooting ranges in Poland is growing, and thanks to a government programme “Shooting range in every district” there will be even more of them. Some of them are just for sport-shooting purposes but more and more are ranges open for everyone who would like to try shooting under supervision of a qualified instructor. For many people this is a first step to the guns world and a new passion.

There are also a lot of facilities that offer a possibility of organizing different kinds of events on a shooting range. An example of such facility can be a shooting range of Cracow Shooting Academy. It is situated in Pasternik, near to Cracow, and thanks to this location it is a great spot for events for people from Cracow and its surroundings. Cracow Shooting Academy also has a shooting range in Białka Tatrzańska - this one is also a conference centre with accomodation and a restaurant. With such facilities you can organize a few-days events that will put together different kind of activities; you can for example combine a conference or a training with integration of the team.

What kind of event can you organize on a shooting range?
A shooting range picnic is something that will always attract a whole lot of people. Some of parties organized on shooting range include for example Children’s Day, which lets the kids get familiar with sport shooting and find out some interesting facts about firearms. They can also try to hit the target themselves, under parents’ and instructors’ supervision. Shooting range picnics are organized also by Bractwo Kurkowe, an association of people who cultivate and popularize historic traditions, also the ones connected with weapons, but not only - they usually wear colorful, historic outfits and make quite a show on their events. Many shooting ranges also hold ceremonies for local or national celebrations, like city’s festival or Independence Day.

A company event on a shooting range is also an interesting alternative to a classic team building, which are usually already very predictable and become boring for the employees. An integration at a shooting range will be something new and it has a lot of advantages. Sport shooting is for everyone, doesn’t matter age, gender or physical shape, which means everyone has equal chances, and that is always good fun. Besides, it’s a kind of sport that combines adrenaline and rivalry with calming down and a necessity of achieving perfect focus. Some people also never had an opportunity to even hold an actual firearm, so a possibility of checking how does a pistol or a rifle work will be a very appealing offer for many of your workers. The shooting range in Pasternik also has a bar where you can continue the party or, if the weather is fine, you may organize a bonfire.

A bachelor or a bachelorette party should be an event that will be unforgettable. Nowadays it became very popular to combine fun with some activities. Shooting on a range could be one of them. How to organize such party? You should make a reservation beforehand for appropriate amount of shooting spots. For groups also transportation can be arranged, however you may of course also get there by yourself. For each participant you should also get a “package” - amount of shots and types of guns you will be using. You may choose one of the ones offered by the company or make a personalized one. At the shooting range you will be supervised for the whole time by a qualified instructor, who will teach you the basics of sport shooting, which are essential to have actual fun with it. At the end you will choose the master shooter of the evening. You can also continue at the bar, or at a bonfire or with a barbecue, depending on the weather.